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Life in the Lab

Together, the Revved Up Research Group aims to foster a support lab environment where we enjoy professional and social activities as a team. Take a look at what we have been up to over the years!

Life in the Lab



Kaitlyn Kauffeldt, PhD Student

Tami Morgan, PhD(c)

Laura Koch, MSc(c)

Jacob Sartor, MSc(c)

Yetnayet Yehuala, PhD(c)

Alexandra Walters, PhD Student

Janet Lawson, PhD Student

Natasha Bruno, MsC(c)

Brock Reissner, MsC(c)

Alyssa Grimes, MsC(c)

2020 - Socially Distanced Activities!

2020 - Socially Distanced Activities!

RU Group's Participation in the Annual Kingston Holiday Toy Drive

Social Events in the Lab