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Current Opportunities

The Canadian Disability Participation Project, Ontario Parasport Collective, Mitacs, and PowerHockey Canada are working together to grow powerchair sport in Canada. We are aiming to develop a set of resources for coaches and program providers to guide the development of new powerchair sport programs and growth of existing programs.  These resources might take the shape of a Quality Participation Blueprint and/or a step-by-step guide to starting a powerchair sport program. 


So that we can make resources that program providers and coaches will actually use, we need your help in two ways: 


1.     Please share your expertise and insight into disability sport programming or share the following link within your networks. 


2.     Please feel free to share the e-mail at the end of this message within your networks!  We want to hear from everyone – athletes of all ages, caregivers, coaches, sport administrators, volunteers. 


How will my organization benefit? 

The information we gather will be used to create tools and information guides such as those available here: These resources will be useful if you want to start a powerchair sport program or if you want to improve an existing program.  If you do not offer powerchair sport programming the information will still be useful.  It will provide lots of ideas about how to support your athletes who use powerchairs on or off the field of play. 


We anticipate these resources will be available in Winter 2023. 


Thank you for taking an interest in our research. Should you have any questions or comments about any of these studies, please contact Jordan Herbison at 



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E-mail title: Share your insight – Help build powerchair sport opportunities in Canada 


Dear athletes, coaches, and caregivers, 


We have been invited to share our ideas about how to create and grow powerchair sport in Canada.  The ideas we share will shape how powerchair sport programs are set up and run.  The information will be used in a variety of resources for coaches and program providers such as The Quality Participation Blueprint and a toolkit for program start up.  These resources have potential to help us improve the quality of our programs.  


To share your experiences please click the link below: 





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